Natural hairstyles for black women

African-American women can not afford to forgive, “I do not want to ruin my hair” keep meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. It is well known that African American women are overweight or have high obese, compared to their peers. The main factor for this is the lack of exercise. A number of barriers were mentioned why African-Americans do not like the workout, the environment and economy. A new obstacle has recently been studied in hair care service. A survey conducted by Wake Forest University showed that 31% of women surveyed were less active deliberately take care of their hair and the style of the service. This is a legitimate concern, because African Americans and women spend an average of salon visits of $ 100 or negative effects on the sweat of their Natural hairstyles for black women Natural hairstyles for black women. salty sweat can dry hair and brittle. In Moreover, the application of excessive heat due to the use of an iron and a hair dryer can cause hair to become brittle and lead to breakage. Hairdressers Many believe that high heat is applied to hair must not not be performed several times during the week. Below are some tips for African-American women working to protect and maintain the hair before, during and after training.
Natural hairstyles for black women 2013
Before exercise:
Long hair or hair cut in the neck with a ribbon tie or butterfly clip. Process or to leave traces in the hair. Women with long hair or short hair can tie your cotton scarf or shawl. However, it is not recommended for people who sweat excessively in their heads. This causes swelling of the women, the hair and make the hair brittle women to feel relaxed hair. The most important thing is to make sure that Natural hairstyles for black women is neck and hairline.
natural hairstyles for black women with natural hair
During the workout:
It is important to stay hydrated. Without enough water, your hair lacks moisture. For women who sweat a lot, from time to time to dry your hair to remove excess sweat.

After the training:
For all hair types and styles, apply a small amount of moisturizer without rinsing. For those who use straight hair after applying moisturizer, wrap Natural hairstyles for black women and keep closely linked until you are ready to conceive. Hair styles after hydration, wear a hat, if the plan is to dry and style. No suction necessary if the plan is to keep it curly. For those who do not sweat a lot, such as the cancellation of hair, finger style or flat iron light light pomade or serum to add moisture and shine back into your hair. Heavy sweaters, holiday apply thermal conditioner before blow drying your hair with a gentle heat. Apply a small amount of serum before styling.
natural hairstyles for black women with short hair

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